How to make a pop-up page in openwrt for wireless configuration

I am trying to implement a pop-up page for when my router boots, or when it connects to a new network via LAN, but I don't know how to do that, nor can I find any information about the matter.

The closest thing I could find was captive portals, but they pop up everytime a new user logs into the network.

Basically the requirements are: Router is operating in Dumb AP mode (done), and the first person that joins this new wireless network should get into a page where some basic settings can be made.

do you want something like this?

openwrt wifi qrcode password

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or the user must be able to administer the main router?

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For clarification to assist you, can you explain how you configured the device to delete its settings on power off?


The user must be able to change the wifi ssid and password, for example, almost like a setup.
I have a tp-link repeater at home that does this exact thing, the first user that joins the network after power on is displayed a page where he can log in and configure a few fields

wifi is disabled by default, in openwrt.

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It doesn't delete any settings, it's functioning as a dumb ap, transmitting an open wireless network

you're connecting via LAN, then why the need of a popup ?
which "basic settings" are you changing ?

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Then I'm lost at what "popup" you desire. As was already noted about OpenWrt:

I think your issue is solved by:

  • booting
  • factory reset
  • upon fresh boot, browse/login to
  • Setup OpenWrt as desired

Did you mean WAN?

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if you completely trust your users, you could grant administration of the router by providing username (root) and password but I do not recommend it.

perhaps it is better that you manage your router and the user is limited to internet surfing only or to accessing your network resources (samba, ftp, etc.) as minimal as you want.

and in the hypothesis in which you have privileged users, you create a "protected" environment in which, however, I would limit their freedom of action.

but that's just my advice

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Wifi is working fine, that is not the issue.
Let me rephrase my question:
How can I force open LuCI web interface to the first user that joins my network?

I guess those who described WiFi aren't explaining the situation clearly. In any case, I'm sure another poster will be able to assist you and provide more clear descriptions that you'll understand.

Again, welcome to the community and I hope the best for your setup.

In the official OpenWrt found at - WiFi is off by default. So personally, I understood "the first user that joins your network" would be you - the Administrator (i.e. you setting up the device, enabling WiFi, etc.) via Ethernet cable.

You also stated that:

So since you want the user to configure the WiFi - this means that the user can't connect via WiFi, correct?

Therefore, after further discussion it seems like you're describing some other subsequent power on, connection and configuration - correct?

There are two projects / concepts that perhaps meet your needs:

  • A "captive portal", that redirects users to a specific web page, the first time each device connects.
  • The "travelmate" package, that handles routers that have to connect to different networks frequently.

I would advise you to have a look to both ideas, and work from here towards your goals.


Captive portals redirect everyone that joins the network, but I want only the first person to be redirected, otherwise this would be a great option

Travelmate requires at least two radios correct? plus, I need internet access through LAN only

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You'll need to configure that.

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The WLAN is configured to be open, the first user that joins this network is supposed to change the ssid and password.

For example an opennds implementation, I can change the behavior to match my requirements?

Is this supposed to occur on each power on, given your comment that the settings aren't deleted?

If so, I'm confused:

  • on how the WiFi opens again
  • how a new user will successfully connect to a closed SSID on a new boot, since the settings aren't deleted from the previous boot
  • How is the WiFi open - you configured it, correct?
  • So how would it arbitrarily turn on for "the first user" (i.e. how does it know it's the "first user")?
  • Since you stated settings don't delete - how would it open again after reboot?

I'm sure you've considered this in your mind - but simply failed to articulate to us, hence causing slight confusion.

If the first user changes the SSID and password, there wouldn't be a need to display this popup ever again. So is this a first-time setup only (i.e. out-of-the-box experience)? Or is this happening at intervals, or every time the device is restarted, or some other 'reset' event?

Can you explain your user journey more completely?