How to make a package not auto start after installing?

I'm writing a package, where I'd prefer it not to auto start after being installed or getting flashed if it's built into an image.

Is it something possible to specify?

I'm not sure if removing the START variable would work, but I'd prefer not to, because I do want the ability to manually enable it and have it auto start after boot.

I looked up in the OpenWrt document on proc init script, which doesn't seem to mention how auto start is controlled.

As long as setting this post install is acceptable:

/etc/init.d/<service> disable

Will disable the service on startup.


Thanks for the quick reply.

If I'm not wrong, this only prevents the package from auto starting after boot? I'm asking if it's possible to prevent the package from immediately being started after being installed.


I don’t know if there is a way to prevent the auto start on install, except by unpacking the package, modifying the install scripts, and then repacking the package. Hopefully someone else might have a better answer