How to logout from WEB UI after password is changed

If i access to WEB UI, there is a login page.
After i login, i can see a WEB UI's setting pages.

However, if i change login password via WEB UI, and that leads me to the login page, but if i press the go back button at browser, i still have access to setting pages.

I added scripts in order to erase cookie and redirecting to login page even if i press the go back button, it worked.

But if i right click at the go back button and go to another page which is not a login page, or password setting page, i can access the setting pages without login.

Accessing to setting pages and setting via those pages are working. it shouldn't be since i changed the login password.

i tried shutting off the uhttpd daemon after password is changed and restart it, but it's not working.

Current solution for this is to reboot the router. I need better one.
Any solution for this situation?

Can you still make changes in the sense of saving modifications (shouldn't be possible) - or is your browser 'helpfully' only displaying the visited pages out of its cache?

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Normal operating procedure for changing password everywhere in the world in every system is to at least log out from the system, restart the browser, clear the webb history and cookies and log in again.

Next step is power cycle of router and computer to clear ram memory. But I don’t think ram memory is the problem.