How to limit maximum number of connect devices on guest wifi?

i there a way to actually limit number of connected clients on a guest wifi?

i want to limit it to 8 "active" users max.
this must be regardless of dhcp lease time.
as i want unconnected clients with active dhcp not included in the "active" connections.

can i just set the limit in dhcp to 8? maybe set dhcp to minimum (2mins)?

You can use limit 8, but this is for the dhcp only. Clients will be connected, but will not get settings from dhcp.
That means that they can sniff traffic and find themselves an unused IP.
Other than that, setting the lease time to 2 minutes seems reasonable as clients might not release the dhcp lease before disconnecting.

so basically there is no settings to force only 8 connect wifi?

because if i connect the guest network to its own network via lan port.
wired devices will also be affected.

Not that I know of. Frankly writing, I haven't seen this option before in any other vendor I have worked with.

Then keep the wireless part autonomous interfaces and don't bridge it with ethernet.


there will be a scenario that i will need to bridge it to the physical lan.

As far as I know you can either allow a host or reject it.
The only thing close to what you want to achieve is to limit the subnet mask to say /29 which will provide 6 usable addresses, 5 if you subtract the gateway.

Or use some authentication server that keeps track...but again too, I've haven't seen this either.

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