How to let users turn on/off a SSID?

I want to let users turn on/off guest SSID.

How to make a user account with limited permission ?

How to create a android script that can be run like an app.

@lleachii suggested script
@psherman and @spence suggested user accounts
@dimitris suggested custom LuCI pages
@jow suggested luci-app-commands ,

How are they going to turn it on again, once it's off ?


I want members of lan zone to able to control guest ssid

An Android script - run like an app (on Android?) - is this an OpenWrt-related inquiry?

Alternatively, if you're asking how to turn off and on the SSID via an Android, simply use an Android SSH app that allows you to send pre-saved post-login commands. You can also setup SSH keys so you can do it by the press of a button on the app (i.e. without the need to enter a password). Since quite a few SSH apps do this and it's common, no need to post individual links from an app store. Feel free to inquire if you cannot find one.

Good question. I'm sure someone can answer this.

The android app, though, is out of scope.

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If you're ok with anyone who has access to the lan zone to be able to turn guest SSID on/off, perhaps instead of an android app you can just expose this on the router's luci web interface, so just a bookmark for the clients:


might work, if you're also ok with the router's luci web interface being accessible only from the lan zone (which IIRC is the default anyway).

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Just thinking about this a bit more...
The idea of turning wifi off is fairly straight forward. But they will not be able to turn it back on since their connection to the router will be off. It's a bit like cutting the branch of the tree that you're standing on. That may present a problem unless there is an alternate SSID which always remains on, or alternatively, a USB-to-ethernet adapter (with appropraite connectinos for connecting to the phone) that is connected directly to a lan port on the router.

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You need a cloud provider with a tunnel, like gl.inet.

GL.Inet makes great routers and software is great too

Gl.inet provides cloud hosts ?

Until it doesn't work, and you need to come here for assistance...

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They have their app, which ties back to the router. You can control stuff like WiFi.

The same can be said about vanilla OpenWRT, regular users of OpenWRT , their crap doesn't work and they still come here, That's why we have a troubleshooting section.

For the majority of folks that use gli, it works fairly good, I have about 5 of their routers and compared to OpenWRT, the UI is a million times better.

but they probably don't post on the gl.inet forum, do they ?

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Regardless, that's not my point. The point is all platforms have issues and people seek help where they can.

another solution (depends on the hardware used by the user),

if your router has buttons, you can set a button that
allow wifi up and/or wifi off on a specific SID or on the whole radio (0/1/2)

or if it has a usb port create a usb button (could also use a usb mouse)

in this way you avoid interference on people who should not have this possibility, because they will be inside the user's home.


After rereading - these seem related:

probably, too many parallell threads though, can't be arsed to jump between them ...

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For web access, info in the documentation should help.

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I liked script Idea.

I wrote a script and it works. What app to use ? Termux ? But I need to cd and type ./, How to run .sh without that, I want to just tap the file in file manager with would ask openwith or just set a default app. MaterialFiles has option to create file shotcut to lancher.

You can install luci-app-commands, declare public command entries for calling the up and down commands, then bookmark those public command links.

To restrict access, you could use firewalling to only allow HTTP access for the LAN zone (or deny it for guest).


declare public command entries for calling the up and down commands,

What are public command entries ?

then bookmark those public command links.

Bookmark how ? luci-app-commands allows commands via HTTP/s ?
I installed the package but can't understand what you are saying

To restrict access, you could use firewalling to only allow HTTP access for the LAN zone (or deny it for guest).

You mean allow from lan to this device ? Is it the default settings people use for home ? Admin and LAN can access router, how would you access router if you block access from LAN.