How to launch installed addons?

This might be a lame question but please bear with me. I have bought the flint 2. I was excited to use addons but the question is where do install addons go? How do I launch them lol? TIA

Are you using the default GL.iNet firmware?

Yes I am. I have accessed Luci interface as well and cannot see where to launch installed addons.

Since you are running GL-Inet's firmware, you need to ask on their support channels. Especially when it comes to those add-ons, that is entirely unique to their firmware -- there is no analog on official OpenWrt.

Okay forget about Gl inet, how is it supposed to be launched on stock openwrt firmware?

On official OpenWrt, there isn't really an "add-ons" section, but there are packages you can install. The method of starting the packages depends on the nature of the package -- for example, a VPN vs a file sharing protocol vs a network diagnostics tool will all be different.