How to know whether IGMP snooping is available? [No need to answer]

Dear all,

I am using the Glinet B1300 as a bypass to my SFR French ISP box.

igmpproxy - 0.2.1-4 is installed.

For IPTV, I enabled IGMP snooping on the LAN interface.
How do I know whether IGMP Snooping is avaialble on the switch?

swconfig dev switch0 show | grep igmp
returns nothing.

Is there a workaround to enable IGMP snooping?

Kind regards,

Do you have any idea?

OK, my switch probably does not support IGMP Snooping.

I trashed my IPTV proprietary box and purchased a new Android player. So no need to answer this question.I don't need IGMP snooping no more (I hope).

swconfig dev switch0 show | grep igmp
returns nothing

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