How to know if my device can benefit from link aggregation?


I was reading about LACP in OpenWrt as I want to have higher total bandwidth on my device.

It seems to be dependent on hardware, for example the Netgear R7800 has "SoC wired to internal switch over 1Gbps" so there is not possible to increase total bandwidth via LACP.
However, I have no idea how to determine if my device has this limitation.

My specific situation:

  1. I have a Netgear E8450
  2. I have a Zyxel GS1900 smart switch which support LACP and a dedicated pfSense box connected to WAN
  3. I want to increase the total bandwidth for my wireless devices and possibly some wired devices (all connected to the E8450)

I have not started doing any configurations yet.

My question:

  1. Does Netgear E8450 support LACP?
  2. More generally, how do you know a device cannot benefit from LACP?