How to Install Windows 10 and OpenWRT on Same PC (how to Dual Boot)?


Can i Write OpenWRT img on Hard disk volume and if it possible how to use windows bootloader as default bootloader ?

Thanks In advance

I able to install Openwrt with Bodhi Linux and Windows 10 on same PC

Here is the steps i took Warning this will erase all your hard drive data:

1- Write OpenWrt img to Hard drive using Linux Installer Usb:

First boot to linux installer usb open terminal enter this command to show all drivers fdisk -l | grep /dev and now copy your harddisk path mine was /dev/sda now download openwrt img in linux usb img the img must not be in harddisk drive now cd to openwrt img folder and write img using this command sudo dd if=openwrt img name of=harddisk path bs=4M status=progress (THIS WILL ERASE ALL HARDDISK)

2-INSTALL bodhi Linux:

choose something else and create ext4 and choose / (root) and create swap area with 4gbit both from unallocated storage

3- edit grub of bodhi linux:

copy the content of grub.cfg of openwrt to the end line of grub.cfg of bodhi linux
and save , now reboot and test grub

4-install windows 10:

installed normally with the remaining unallocated storage

5- install and configure easybcd on windows 10:

download easybcd and open easybcd and choose add new entry at operating system section choose linux and type grub2 and the name of grub of linux and openwrt and leave drive to automatically locate and load

and that it

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