How to install Wi-Fi in DIR-825/B1?

I have D-Link DIR-825/B1 and I use OpenWRT 19.07.8 ar71xx , however in OpenWRT 21.02.0 there is only ath79 , if I Install this version , all work , but Wi-Fi absent. Why so ? And when be 21.02.0 with support ar71xx ?

Ar71xx is deprecated, ath79 is the replacement.

Try resetting your device.

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Thanks, but I have a problem with ath79 if I upgrade the system ...
In particular, I am unable to disable shared subnets and distribution DHCP clients to PC. Therefore I everytime see what create Network 1 / Network 2 / Network 3 end to continue. What need do what disable DHCP server on Router for IPv4 mode ? Whatfor this so forced ?

that post didn't make much sense, to me .... :expressionless:

And what ? As disable DHCP on IPv4 mode ?

This is not working.
Why ?

How would you know, might there be another dhcp in the subnet?

You can always stop the daemon, to be sure.

There is no DSA in ath79, yet... :frowning:

Please do not sidetrack him with unrelated stuff.

(DSA is only in few targets in 21.02. it is not yet widely used even in master)

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My bad :frowning:

Thought it already applied to all builds.
Post retracted

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You should share your config files here, so that you might get more pointed advice. /etc/config/network, dhcp, wireless

And like frollic proposed, you should reset your router after the 21.02 bump, without restoring the 19.07 config. The move from ar71xx to ath79 may have changed some things, e.g. related to the wifi hardware naming etc.

Based on the discussion so far, it is a bit unclear if you still have problems with the wifi or just with the dhcp settings (and if you are using this as your main router, or as a dumb AP setup).

With Wi-Fi problems absent , problem was be because I not knowning what need flash , I flashing dlink_dir-825-b1-initramfs-kernel.bin instead of dlink_dir-825-b1-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin when flash correctly version after flash 19.07 ATH79 and upgrade to 20.02 with not save settings all work. However I have problem with LAN ports , what would I not do , with the exception of stop demon , I always having new network , network 1 / network 2 and so to continue... I not want have in Windows everytime new network and not want accepting this. What need me do ?

I was wrong not 20.02 , but 21.02

That's purely a Windows issue. Go to the Windows control panel and delete the extra networks.

Are you running the DIR825 as an AP or as your main router? There can be only one active DHCP server in the network, on the main router.

Do not kill dnsmasq to shut down DHCP. Instead check the ignore box (which is for DHCPv4) and also click over to the IPv6 tab and set the RA options to disabled.

I'm use DIR-825 as main router with Wi-Fi and LAN connections.

I not killed dnsmask , I'm same set checkbox for ignore DHCP for IPv4 , but I cannot refuse from IPv6, because this me need and I cannot refuse RA parameters. And with this configuration on OpenWRT 21.02 I to have promblem. Problem did not have with OpenWRT 18.06 and OpenWRT 19.07.

On a main router, leave DHCP server active. If there is some other device in your network that is also a DHCP server, there will be problems. Disable that other device's DHCP server function.

The default configuration is designed to just work for a typical home or small network.

Why this problem before 21.02 not there was ?
Why this problem was be created only in 21.02 ?
Who create this problem and whatfor ?

I so understand , what this problem not fixable in all 21.02 versions ?

My settings

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cat /etc/config/network
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