How to install v2ray on Archer C6 V3 to use VPN

Hello all,
I recently bought an Archer C6 V3.2 and installed the 23.05.0-rc2 factory image on it using the stock web interface. The router seems to work fine, except wifi is off now.
I need to have v2ray vpn setup on my router, which is why I bought this router to install openwrt. However, I don't know how to install v2ray. I am following online tutorials to no success. I think there is not enough room left on my device for the needed packages. Any ideas how I can get v2ray to work on my device? I am not well-versed in Linux.

That's the default post install status.

And how would we know ?

I am following online tutorials to no success.

Which tutorials? What packages are needed to be installed, can you list them?

I now realize that there's a button to turn on Wifi, thanks.
I am trying to follow this video tutorial:

When I was using SSH to try to install "v2ray-core" I would get an error saying that there is not enough space in a directory which escapes my memory right now

Apparently, there is a smaller package called "v2ray-core-mini" but I can't find it :grimacing: and as I said before, I know next to nothing about Linux. I think this package is on another repository or something :sob:

then you know what the problem is ...

When I try to install "v2ray-core" form Luci using the software install feature, it again tells me I don't have enough space. V2ray-core needs 7.79 MB and I have 6.89MB(78%) free. Is there any way I can install V2ray? can I remove anything not necessary? Can I install it in another directory or something?

depends on your requirements, but you could probably remove the ppp* packages, but you need to create a custom image using, if you just remove the packages from the image, you'll not free up any space.

you could have, if the C6 had an USB port, but it doesn't.

another option would be to use an older release of openwrt, it'll be smaller.

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If I download a firmware with from a previous version of OpenWRT, should I get a sysupgarde file and flash it using the Flash new firmware image in Luci? Will my device work if I flash a lower version firmware?

yes you should, and reset it during flash.

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So, it seems I am lfet with too little space in my C6 device after installing Openwrt to install v2ray. Also, from what I have read, the v2ray package itself does not work reliably anyways. Therefore, I gave up on the whole thing. Thanks for the help.

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