How to install snapshot?

I have no modem. The internet comes through an Ethernet cable to my house.

That is not a typical internet service configuration.
So that others can picture your network layout,
You may want to state your internet service provider and internet plan in question.

It's an Internet provider from a small village with only a handful of people (probably) that have Internet access. There is probably a fiber connection somewhere down the road that gets converted to ethernet. My plan is 100 Mbps, static IP. I assume there is no special configuration that needs to be made, since the stock FW had no problems with the default configuration.

Please don't assume. Ask the ISP how the router has to be configured. OpenWrt's default is DHCP on WAN.

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This is how they configured my router with the stock fw (DHCP on WAN). I'm sure the IP is actually static (since it did not change in 3 years), but setting the protocol to Static Adress did not make any difference.

If you set the protocol to static, you need to manually set in config the IP address that the ISP has given you...

  • DHCP means automatic allocation from ISP DHCP server. It might be dynamic, or it might be a fixed allocation tied to the MAC of your router.
  • Static is manual. You need to know the IP and set it in config.

It is well possible that the stock fw config also contained a modified/fixed MAC address setting for the wan port, and the ISP DHCP server allocates you public IP ( based on that.
When you change to OpenWrt, that MAC setting disappeared, and the ISP DHCP is confused, does not know if you are entitled to connection, and gives you lan-local private instead.

Discuss with the village IT admin, what needs to be set. Or check from the stock fw settings, what MAC address the wan port is using, and then configure OpenWrt wan to have that MAC.

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Shouldn't OpenWRT's WAN mac be the same as the stock firmware? When I reverted back from OpenWRT to stock, I just set DHCP and it worked.
I see that the WAN interface's MAC is different by a digit form the LAN, does OpenWRT use the same MAC for all interfaces?

Depends on settings in the stock fw...

Typically the "official" MAC is stored with calibration data on flash, and firmware reads it from there and uses it.
But firmwares may override it. So, did you check stock fw settings?

I don't know where to check. I just checked the WAN mac.

Just making sure that you understand that MAC is the hardware ID like 00-B0-D0-63-C2-26
What is wan Mac of wan in OpenWrt? What it is in the stock firmware?

(Typically it is visible in interface list, config, logs etc.)

But you should really discuss with your ISP / IT admin, if there is some kind of device identification related to your connection.


Didn't check

I'll see if it works with another router, and it if does, it's clealy a problem with OpenWRT on this model.

Thank you!! It worked!

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Yeah, MAC based entitlement sounded like a possibility based on that "ISP router firmware, small village, network for subscribers" context.

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