How to install RTL8111 network card driver on 19.04

I tried to install and download
Very smoothly, after the installation is successful, the network card driver can be identified,
But the version here is unstable and has bugs,
So I installed it back
But the problem appeared,
ifconfig -a
Can't find the network card,
Only one local,
I don't know how to install the network card driver, can someone tell me?

kmod-r8169 should be preinstalled. Kernel policy is that there is only one driver per device, so there are no alternative, 'better', drivers - if you're experiencing bugs, they need to be fixed (depending on your exact model, a semi-optional firmeware under /lib/firmware/rtl_nic/ might help though).

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How to solve it specifically, I tried to copy the rtl_nic in
https: //
Still not working.