How to install on wr743 openvpn? please help

I want to install server and client open vpn from for goal to have lan acces on remote router so i need open vpn on two wr743 routers i installed luci-app-openvpn on wr743 how to set to be server first? plase help am dumm in these its new for me

portmap states you need an openvpn client, what's the server for ?

server would be at home on router and client would me on other location 20km away with internet but i dont have router acces

still don't understand how things are supposed to work, together,
and how portmap comes into the picture.

is there another way with vpn to have remote lan at home please help me_

i heard from friend that can do that becouse i have cgnat on remote location

try answering the question.

i think portmapio would have remote acces becouse i know he use where is cgnat for remote acces also have port so link + port would have access from pc in home

yes, that's obvious .... but that's the client part.

so i need only one router on remote location if understud good? okej how to make that work?

i don't know, you tell me.

is there free vpn for openvpn what can do work transfer lan if portmapio cant help me please its far location and my camera dont work i cant reboot router so i think to make some bridge but i dont have nat on remote location

sory i miss subject i created new

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