How to Install OpenWrt on TD-W8968 v2


I have a TD-W8968. I searched for it on google and it comes up with multiple pages on the OpenWrt wiki for this device. Unfortunately it has a RT63365E CPU, which the OpenWrt wiki says it has a BCM6318. I have found a listing for it here: Can someone please help me install OpenWrt on it.

You do realize that neither of your examples will ever get support for their xDSL modem?

- RT63365E has no SOC support whatsoever, nor is it likely to ever gain support.
- BCM43217 wireless is basically unsupported as well (the usual disclaimer about b43 and HT/ VHT modes, respectively the absence thereof, applies).
- neither of these devices is supported by OpenWrt at this point, nor is it likely that they ever will be.

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Yep. Thats fine with me as I will be using it only as an access point
Also it's mostly for experimentation. If I kill it I literally could not care more

See what you need to do to add support for your device.