How to install openwrt on plusnet's 2704n router?

Hi all ,
I have a Plusnet 2704n router which I want to install openwrt so I can use it to get Internet on my desktop without having a WiFi dongle.

I will use an ethernet wire to connect the 2704n to my pc . Will the 2704n be able to connect to my main ISP router without problems ? :thinking: can I connect other devices wirelessly to the 2704n or will that not be possible?

Most importantly which firmware do I install to it as I have the expert_user option available ? Do I just use the upgrade button?
I mean I want to keep the mac and serial numbers as the original, so do I install the firmware and then type the serial number thru telnet ?
If not how do I change mac and serial number after installation?
I am looking at the whole image with Luci web as my preference .

If more information is required please let me know.

Please advise.

Does this help?

Yes that's the page I was reading but I wanted to know how do I change the mac and serial to my original ones ?

What I mean to say is that the full image will not have my serial number and original mac number.

... in 19.07.

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@frollic yes great :+1: does the full image ( google drive download) in the below thread have 19.07 ?


i think the gdrive only contains a CFE image part, the openwrt image is the link above it.

Where it says Easy Option , whole image isn't that Openwrt with cfe and Luci web interface ?

I'm trying to prepare everything so I don't brick or half install the firmware.

ah, missed that link, yeah it probably does :slight_smile:

that should really be the 1st option in that paragraph :wink:

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So I've installed the firmware thanks everyone for the replies but now was wondering about my other question ...

Can I connect other devices wirelessly to the 2704n or will that not be possible?

Also I have a network A on channel 13 but that is not coming up when I scan for networks where as network B on channel 1 is coming up fine on the scans.

Please advise.