How to install openwrt on logicom tab750?

 hello, i put this message because if i made a mistake i lose the tablet.

spécification logicom tab 750 :
armeabi v7a - arm v7l 32bits - sun5i - processor : arm cortex a8 - 1 ghz - graphic : arm mali 400P - soc : A13 - Android : 4.1.1 Jelly Bean - kernel : 3.1.10 - ram : 512 mos - flash : 4 gos
lsusb : Bus 001 Device 007: ID 18d1:0003 Google Inc. Android-powered device using AllWinner Technology SoC

I find 2 firmwares in this website with the same soc

Ask debian, we're not doing debian here.

That's not how it works. You can't just find a firmware for another device that uses the same (hopefully?) SoC and use it. The firmware is specific to the device, not the SoC.

Although its not completely impossible, I guess there's in general not much work being put into making OpenWRT work as operating system on a tablet device.

i don't understand

But it's the same processor, it should work, only I don't know how to install the firmware. How to do ?

I also think it's possible, I downloaded the IMG but how do I install it on the tablet?

Index of /releases/22.03.5/targets/sunxi/cortexa8/ (

One SoC but 6 different firmwares for 6 different devices. It's not as simple as same CPU/SoC so it must work.

it's doesn't work like on x86, where Linux can just be moved from any random host to another.

neither do we.

awesome, please come back once you've figured it out.

we should know, why exactly ?

Yes, I got a firmware, but what is the procedure to install it on the tablet?

what part of we don't know is hard to understand ?

No, you have the firmware for a different device. You can't just stick a random firmware you've found onto your tablet and hope it'll work. It won't.

And as @frollic says, we don't know what the process would be to install a random firmware onto an unsupported device.

So I can't install openwrt on my tablet? In this case, is it possible to install OPKG?

that's what most of the replies been about so far ...

have you got cli access ?

Sorry if I didn't make myself clear.

Is it possible to pick an arbitrary firmware with the same SoC? Certainly not.
Is it possible that someone made a specific firmware for your device? Possible, but unlikely.

But what I actually meant was: I doubt many people even bothered with creating an OpenWRT firmware for any tablet (not your specific ones) just because there's not much use for OpenWRT on a tablet. So it's not completely impossible someone ever gave it a try (who am I to judge what others spend their free time with doing) but I wouldn't even dream of doing this.

Yes i have

then feel free to try, but even if you manage to do it, the packages you're interested in, probably won't work post install.

I want to try, but i don't know how ?

too bad, then you're back at How to install openwrt on logicom tab750? - #9 by frollic, replace "firmware" with "opkg" in that post.

Could you please tell us what you're actually trying to do? No one ever just wanted to install opkg just for the sake of having installed opkg. You clearly want to run some kind of application, but you're not telling what you're trying to do. You only tell us about you not knowing how to make the very first step no a path you alone decided what stages you should go to without telling us the direction.