How to install openwrt on a mi 4a 2.30.500?


I'm trying to install Openwrt on newer Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition - chinese version 2023.11. Unfortunatly it is shipped with newer firmware that does not seem to work with OpenwrtInvasion: 2.30.500 .

The problem was already reported here but unfortunately closed without providing any solution:

I did not find any solution to downgrade the firmware ( other than open the router and physically write it to SPI flash ), the web interface refuses to downgrade the image. ( Everything being in chinese, it does not help, I might have missed something )

Did anyone find a solution to downgrade the firmware or flash openwrt in any way shape or form without needing to open the router?

instead of checking the old(er) tickets at OpenWRTInvasion, you decided to create one ?

What older tickets are you referring to?

I opened an issue on the github of openwrtInvasion, there does not seem to be any similar issue over there :

I opened a new conversation here on the forum, because there might be solutions to install openwrt on it without actually tackling the problem inside OpenWrtInvasion, for example by downgrading the firmware. And the other topic on this forum about this issue, was closed without solution and we cannot continue conversation.

What are your referring to?

Ok sorry, my bad, I don't know how I can have missed it!

because you weren't looking, twice ?

Anyway for anyone looking for the solution, it works with this revision:

An after changing DHCP parameters as follow:

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