How to Install OpenWrt in DIR-610 A1

This are the steps for a correct installation of DIR-610 A1 due that some people got issues after to power off the device, will demostrate us how I fixed this issue for can enjoy of OpenWRT in our router:

Before you Power on your router, connect it to the LAN card on your computer

  • When the router finish to install now can access to the administration ip that u set while configuring the router (192.168.x.1)
  • Now we will do the same step but updraging from the WRT page (System>Backup/Flash Firmware)
  • Backup your settings if u want it
  • Now navigate to "Flash new firmware image" keep selected "Keep settings"
    Add the image that we downloaded in the emergency mode step: "openwrt-18.06.1-ramips-rt305x-dir-610-a1-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin"
  • Now confirm upgrade and wait some minutes while the router is configuring
  • When it was sucessfully upgraded it will show u the login page
  • Now u can access normal, and can disconnect from the power your router, dont worry it take like 30 seconds starting the first time when u disconnect, then will be like 15 seconds.

And that's all now can enjoy of OpenWRT in DIR-610 A1 and now u will be able to power off the router :grinning:

Are you the person that added a link to this thread here:


Yes I do it as some info not was useful for the most important, the installation, so i create a info more understable


Hello Alemtro. Thank you for your guide. I own a DIR 610N+ which has the same hardware as DIR-610 A1.
Do you think that this method would work for me as well?
Thank you!

Can not recommend OpenWRT on this router.
Installed latest OpenWRT (18.06.4) and getting only 5Mbit WiFi speed (RX)
Flashed back to stock and getting full speed.

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Hi! Sorry for replying to this thread after a long time it started. I have a DIR-610 A1 router. A long time ago, after installing openwrt on it by the more “usual way” - simple reflash through stock firmware - it can’t hold openwrt’s configurations after a reboot, resetting to the state after the reflash procedure.

This back-and-forth fix this issue? The configurations and changes keeps after power off?


DIR-610 A1 has only 4MB flash.

Most likely one more case of 18.06 image too big to save overlay

See also

Sooner or later you should buy a new device with sufficient resources (flash + RAM).

I totally agree. But this problem I've faced on 2016. Kernel messages showed that a checksum error were found on boot and the upper partition had to be mounted read-only, preventing that configuration changes to be persisted.

This router is waaaaay to slow, the antenna power is weak and Wi-Fi coverage is horrible. But I'm planning to use it only for autossh service to tunnelling a couple of internal ports on a VCR camera recorder to a cloud instance with static IP (I have a CG-NAT here). Wi-Fi, dnsmasq, firewall, routing, dns, luci, etc etc will be disabled. It will act as a dumb SSH client.

Anyway, thanks for sharing those links!