How to Install Openwrt Easy

Hello, don't worry, sorry friends, can anyone help me, I have a sky sr102 router. I want to install Openwrt on it, please tell me the easiest way. Because I don't have anything else except the router and the lan cable!
What should I do if there is no solution?

Nothing, since there's no other solution, according to


This is a complicated model to install. I would say pay someone to do it, but you'd be better off spending the money on newer, faster, better supported hardware.

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I have access to the programmer. Can I open its flash IC and then program it with openwrt 22.03? Does this work or not?

you just said you only had the device and a lan cable ... ?


Yes, I mean that I will let someone program it for me

Is the dsl and wifi part removed for this model or not it just doesn't work. What can be done with it after installation when wifi and dsl don't work because of broadcom?

Cry for a bit, then reread the device page.

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How should I install openwrt with ttl to sr232 converter? The recipe is very complicated!

Can you please number me step by step with a little explanation because some parts of the instructions are practically incomprehensible to me!

I wouldn't.


Tried google ?

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