How to Install OpenVPN/WireGuard on Linksys WRT1900AC

Hi vgaetera, I entered the commands and rebooted. But WireGuard VPN still shows as not sending or receiving signals.


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What's the config on the device you're trying to connect to your router?

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I use a static address (192.168.x.x)

Not what I meant. What's the wireguard config on it?

Protocol: WireGuard VPN
Private Key:
Listen Port: 51820
IP Addresses
Firewall Settings: Lan/VPN

Ok, let's start from scratch. What device(s) are you wanting to connect to your router via Wireguard? Which of those devices have you got the config you've just posted from?

Sorry. I would like to connect my cell phone, ipad, laptop to my router via WireGuard remotely. None have been configured.

Then what do you expect the wireguard interface on the router to be doing? If it's got nothing to connect to then it's not going to send or receive anything...

You need to have both ends of the connection set up for there to be any traffic flowing.

Pick one of your end devices and configure wireguard on it. Once that's done we can then start troubleshooting if there are any issues with the connection.

I see. Thank you krazeh.

Thank you vgaetera. I will get to it and let you (all) know how it went (with my ignorance on WireGuard, I'm sure you will).

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Try 4 years LOL. Finally got mine working after that long but I use OpenVPN and not wireguard. I don't use the OpenVPN gui and just use WinSCP to customize the configs directly. I'll try to type up my short cut and post it here if you don't make any headway.

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I can relate (to your frustration) Don. :slightly_smiling_face:.Thank you

Another prove, that WireGuard is not needed, for @krazeh especially.

For me especially? What?!