How to install on R1000H (actiontec)

Hello, I am a first time user.


I have downloaded this file for my router, I am using debian, the guide says that I should follow an installation process if it is not factory bin, but there is none listed. Could someone tell me how I should do this? Thank you.

The current firmware is the default one the router ships with.

Here is the openwrt page

On some of the devices where support has been recently added clicking the "Supported Since Commit" link on the device page will give installation instructions. However this device does not have that information. It does however have some information that may be important to you:

Known issues:
 - Unable to detect 53115 switch attached to MDIO. Not supported
 - No support for the cable port

So unless you plan to use this only as an access point or wifi extender the openwrt image may not be useful to you.

Thanks I did not see that page, that's unfortunate

Does this mean, regular ethernet cable connection will not work? If so then yeah, that would be too problematic for me to use it.