How to install on k2p

I am very new to this. I have a phicomm k2p router which I want to install openwrt on it. but I cannot find install url
in the hardware device download page. it only has a upgrade url.

So I am really confuse where to download the factory.bin and how to install it? thanks for anyone for advice.

Installation instructions are included in the git commit which added support for the K2P:;a=commit;h=a4c84b2d734f0cba40b3d0a2183dbf221e7356e5

There is no -factory.bin for this device, only a sysupgrade.bin.

I go throught the site contents on;a=commit;h=a4c84b2d734f0cba40b3d0a2183dbf221e7356e5

but stills not know what to download, what to do next. is there any simple tutorial? really sorry for that

Maybe somebody know how to change firmware of the US KE 2P (hw D1) to Chinese K2P? Or maybe any ideas how to flash openwrt without uart use. I have tried to use telenet enabler but it doesn't work with US firmware. I have tried to change firmware to Chinese by the web interface but it doesn't work. Please any ideas how flash openwrt without uart.