How to install on gl.inet GL-X750?

I'm looking for a router that gives me OpenWRT with 4g sim card in northern Europe.

The wiki only gives generic instructions for installation

Anybody knows if it's possible to simply upload the firmware from the OEM firmware browser UI or is there need to fiddle with TFTP or similar? I want a router where I can just upload the firmware from the browser.

Most GL.iNet devices use a proprietary variant of OpenWrt as the native OEM firmware, and so sysupgrading is possible right from the OEM GUI. And for that reason there is no separate OpenWrt initial installation "factory" image, but only the sysupgrade image.

But be careful with the settings. Better to sysupgrade without settings (if the native firmware offers that), or reset the device after sysupgrading to the proper OpenWrt.

From the wiki page you linked:

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Great, thank you very much, this makes this router a good potential candidate for me. I'll simply follow the glinet web upgrade process you linked to, choose keep the configuration and after it's done I'll reset the device. :+1:

This might reboot you into an unstable state or soft brick it. I would not advise keeping settings, especially between a custom build of OpenWrt.

There are various reasons this could not work:

  • upgrading between different stable (core) different versions - not sure what the OEM calls them
  • the ath target changed significantly between certain versions
  • different configs


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All right, so:

  1. Follow the upgrade process instructions
  2. Do not keep configuration

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