How to install on Archer C50 v4

Hello, I'm having trouble installing openwrt on my TP-Link Archer C50 v4.
I already bricked it once then managed to restore the original firmware via TFTP but now I would like to try to install openwrt again. Yesterday I tried using some pre-made file that can be installed over the original TP-Link firmware but it was some old version (19th something I think) and on top of that the internet was pretty slow both wired and over WiFi and the latter didn't even work properly the WiFi lights kept flashing somehow and WiFi was practically not working. So I tried installing the current version through LuCi and had the same problems. So I thought it might be caused by the pre-made file, I went back to the original firmware (via TFTP) and downloaded the kernel from this site ( (which says it's for the first installation) and started the TFTP server on my PC where there was a prepared file with the kernel named as tp_recovery.bin for the router to take. And I booted the router into recovery mode (by holding the restart button while booting - like I did when I switched back to the original firmware).On the PC the log showed that the router connected and started downloading the file but this has been your for an hour and I don't know if this is correct or not.. I tried aborting the installation and running it again but no change. I can send the log in case anyone wants it, via for something.
I will be glad for any answer.
Edit: So I managed to install openwrt since I found out that I have to create my own file everything is fine and works except for the problems I mentioned before.. the internet speed is much slower and the WiFi keeps dropping out. I don't know what to do. When I measure my speed using it measures 30-40mbps when I was using the original firmware so I got 40-50 rather those 50mbps but upload it doesn't measure at all and overall the page and the test itself takes a very long time to load. When I use the test doesn't even start in most cases.
Edit 2: I've solved all the problems with the connection were probably caused by having two routers with the same lan address.. I don't know but anyway it works now. Thanks a lot to this forum where I found a lot of other problems that helped solve mine. And another thanks to the project developers for this system.