How to install on an RVS4000?

Hi there!

I'm looking to install LEDE (or similar) on a Linksys RVS4000. This particular router isn't Wi-Fi equiped, but I'm looking to use them for a project, and want an updated firmware that's more capable than the factory Linksys image.

Can anybody help point me in the right direction on where to get started? I don't see this router listed in the supported hardware, here, with dd-wrt, or open-wrt. I have managed to find a handful of posts about people wishing that this router was supported, but nothing more.


That device isn't supported at the moment - if or how easy it could be supported would be something for you to find out (given the age of that device, the prehistoric kernel of the vendor firmware and the very low speed ARM CPU, I wouldn't hold my breath - even if it could be supported, the device (and the webinterface in particular) would be very slow).

Edit: ancient/ rare/ not yet supported ARM9 (ARMv4T) chipset, dual-SOC (wlan unknown on its dedicated SOC), that doesn't look good at all.

How do I best find out if it’s even possible?

I would like to get under the hood to see what can be done. I have time, but no money. :slight_smile: