How to install Netbird UI on GL.Net Router

Hello, I recently installed Netbird VPN client using command line on my GL-MT3000 router and thought it would add a UI to enable, disable or change settings. Is this possible?

do they provide an UI ?

Is this device running official OpenWrt or the GL-Inet firmware?

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I would imagine GL-net firmware based on OpenWRT.

If that's the case, you probably need to ask GL-Inet in their support channels (they have a community forum, too). The reason is that the "based on OpenWrt" is like a movie based on a book... there are material changes to the code that make it operate entirely differently than the official OpenWrt.

The device is fully supported in official OpenWrt, though (I just got one, myself -- it runs well on official OpenWrt), so we can easily help you if you're running and official version. That said, you may also need to ask Netbird about the client code that have written -- does it have a GUI, and is there a specific version of OpenWrt that is required/recommended in order to use the GUI as designed.

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