How to install Luci on a snapshot?

Luci is not installed for several days.
You need to put not:
opkg install luci

In general on snapshots LuCI is not pre-installed.
Usually you just have to issue "opkg update && opkg install luci" on console.
It might be that it is not available/possible to install at the moment if there are issues with the build process. What I can say is that since a few days the imagebuilder is broken (for at least ramips what I've tried).


opkg update -

Collected errors:

  • opkg_conf_parse_file: Duplicate src declaration ....

So stopped working.

There has been opkd dependency trouble in the last 2-3 days, and that should get fixed in the next buildbot builds.

But your "Duplicate src declaration" sounds different. Likely you have somehow modified opkg download source definitions. Defaults from the build and then something personal?


This is related to build: FeedSourcesAppend add kmod feed to snapshot and that the build bots add the same repo into the snapshot distfeed.conf.
Should be fixed with: [PATCH buildbot] phase1: don't add kmod feed via buildbot

But this is only a warning and no error!


This may not be the problem, but Lucy is not installed.
If you know and fix this problem in the coming days, I will certainly wait.
I have reported a problem I found and am looking forward to a solution.

It should be fixed now. I made a build with imagebuilder already and opkg is running fine.

Yeah, my reported no dependency/apparrent installs without funtionality problem had that duplicate src issue as well.

Even though someone reported just editing the duplicate out of the config fixed everything, I and others still had luci and other packages not funtionally install.

Keep an eye on this, there's 3 fixes on it in the last 10hrs!;a=summary