How to install Bird v2?

Currently the only available package version in ipkg is 1.6.x, but I need 2.x. Do you know of a third party package repo that contains bird v2?

Bird2 2.0.2-1 is available in the snapshots, but it's not completely up to date. Version 2.0.4 was release March 1. (There exists a pull request with version 2.0.3

If you have access to a linux computer then you could build the package using the SDK.


Thanks mikma. So does that mean that I must first flash my router with a snapshot version of OpenWRT itself? Or is there a way to use the snapshot packages with the stable OpenWRT build that I am currently running? (LinkSys EA8500)

Aside from very simple packages (shell scripts, mostly), master (snapshots) and release branches are not binary compatible (different kernel, libraries, foremost libc/ musl or ssl).