How to install ath10k driver on OpenWrt?

I know that the wireless drivers in OpenWrt are implemented in mac80211. I have a customized ath10k driver that I need to install alongside with its firmware in OpenWrt. I assume I can just copy the firmware files for ath10k in /lib/firmware.
How can I install my ath10k driver?
I am not sure how the wireless drivers are installed in OpenWrt. When I use lsmod I can see two modules relating to ath10k in the memory.

Most likely you'll need to build them into the image directly, or at least build them with the kernel in your image. The package management tool, opkg, is pretty strict about not mixing in kernel modules that aren't build with the same fingerprint as the kernel.

You could also overwrite the original ko file with your modified one...

Probably your firmware file gets overwritten through the user space helper script in /etc/hotplug.d/firmware/11-ath10k-caldata.