How to install 19.07.0 stable build with hostapd fix?

As discussed in this bug report, the 19.07.0 stable release has major 5 GHz wifi issues on certain hardware. The problem was found and fixed in this patch. My question is, how do I upgrade to 19.07.0 and get this patch so my wifi will be stable? Do I need to build from scratch from the 19.07 branch? Can hostapd be updated with a package that can be installed on top of the existing 19.07.0 release?

Yes. There are more ways to get there...

  1. Install stable 19.07.0 and update wpad-basic or wpad package: opkg update && opkg upgrade wpad-basic
  2. Use the imagebuilder to build a image and you will get automatically the newest hostapd package called wpad-basic or similar.
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Does that bug also affect stability and speed of 2.4ghz WiFi?

@clockbox There's a 19.07.1 around the corner, and it might contain extra fixes for the wireless stack as well.


Perfect! I'll just wait for that as I won't have a chance to upgrade before then anyway.