How to increase upload speed


I am running a very basic setup of OpenWrt 19.07.03 on an Archer C7 v5.

Download speed is about 550 Mbit/s with software flow offloading enabled (provider assures 500 Mbit/s - so I am really happy with that) (HW flow offloading currently disabled - cause I did not find if the C7 v5 is supported)

My upload speed is just ~12Mbit/s while it could be 25 Mbit/s (that's what my provider claims)

All this was measured from a wired PC - LAN cannot be the bottleneck. I tried several measuring sites and they are all pretty much delivering the same values.

Any suggestions what settings I could try to tweak from the standard setup?

tested how? to which servers? sqm? ( post settings )

What are you using? DOCSIS? Fibre? Have you checked your modem to see what upstream sync speed it's getting?

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I installed luci-app-sqm - using the settings

  • ingres: 0
  • egres: 25000 kbit/s
    my router managed to get a download of 550 Mbit/s and an upload of 23 Mbit/s.

Don't know why - but I'm really happy with those results.