How to include a Python (pip) module in OpenWrt image?

I am building customized image for the RaspberryPi 3, but I have no idea how to include e.g. the Python module paho-mqtt ( thats not listed in menuconfig.
Exists any further description or can somebody give some hints?


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Very good question. If someone can help us with this topic I would be very grateful.

Create a package for it and include in the build -- I'd use an existing Python 3 package Makefile as a template.

Thanks Jeff,
would that an example how to include a python module:

I tried this way, but as I remember it didnt build anything.


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Same here. Build is complete but the libraries are not there.
I created a repo with a link to Virtualbox machine image that compiles clean image.
I was struggling to build my first image and decided to share it: