How to improve wifi performance on OpenWrt

We run the wifi performance at openwrt 2102 and 1907 on the same HW.
We found that openwrt 2102 has worse wifi performance.
The CPU usage is not balance at openwrt 2102. IRQ interrupts also mainly happened on one CPU.

Does anyone have a similar situation?
How to balance cpu usage to improve wifi performance?
any suggestion?


Did you try enabling packet steering?


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Hi lleachii,
If i want to enable packet steering by uci command, what is the uci command?
what configuration I can set to enable packet steering?

Finally, the packet steering you mentioned is like this?
I also setup this kind of command, but the wifi performance is not improved.
echo f > /sys/class/net/uap0/queues/rx-0/rps_cpus


Packet steering

uci set network.globals.packet_steering=1

@MattQ what hardware are you using? Packet steering would make no sense if it is a single core, single thread device I think?

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Assuming you are using a multi core device, you may want to explore this:
How to Load Balance OpenWrt