How to improve the transfer speed of USB 3.0

I got a router (Newifi), which has the USB3.0 hardware interface.
I got a firmware from net, the read speed from USB could up to 100MByte/S,
but for my firmware build from ver 21.02, the speed is not higher than 30MByte/S.
How can I improve the transfer speed?

newifi isn't' capable of more that 30MByte/S
where did you find that could read up to 100MByte/S ?

It's not the Wi-fi speed up to 100MByte/S, just the USB 3.0 read up to 100MByte/S.
Use time dd if=./test01.dat bs=1M count=1024 of=/dev/null, took 9 sec.

Actually, USB3.0 is capable of 600MBytes/sec (4.8Gbits/sec)

By the way, your example, 1 gigabyte in 9 seconds is over 113MBytes/sec

Yeah, Thanks.
Do you know what may necked down the rate to 30MByte/S?

looks like 113?

Anyway, do you have kmod-usb-storage-uas installed?

Yes, I got kmod-usb-storage-uas installed, and the read rate do not change any.
actually, the firmware which's read rate is 113MByte/S is not installed this kmod.

you're comparing the performance of a amd64 (or some other storage optimized SOC) to a network optimized mips SOC (low power mt7621 on newifi) so you'll never get to 100MB/s on these devices.
btw your dd test doesn't even touch the network layer or some other user space application - both ways you consume the data - that's heavily impacted by the slow SOC

Thanks, you mean the neck is hardware.
But what I'm facing is comparing the performance on the same Device, same confirm Method,
but the firmware from net is 113MByte/S, and build by me from ver21.01 is 30MByte/S.

then use that firmware - it's simple :slight_smile:
out of curiosity - what firmware is that ?

From what I recall you can get like 60-70mbyte/s tops using NFS and ext3 out of the mt7621 with no load but 30-40mbyte/s is probably more reasonable with load.

This firmware:

download from

from what I remember this guy used a lot of oem code so that's where the extra MB/s come from...anyway the choice is yours

Thanks a lot.

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