How to Implement Memory Fix


So apparently, I think my OpenWRT Router (v19.07.4) TP Link C20 V4 is suffering from an error due to a lost skb.

Here are the links for reference:;a=blob;f=package/kernel/mac80211/patches/subsys/333-mac80211-fix-memory-leak-on-filtered-powersave-frame.patch;h=cdbbcf5d065b19ffa38203048b74fd0a335dfd16;hb=30b73fa5d8ab69514184f72e25a866e62e6cbbcb

How do I implement this into my router? This kind of fixing is above my level of knowledge so any advice is appreciated!

Install Snapshot, the change appears to have been implemented there.

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Wait, which snapshot should I use?

I know my chip's a MediaTek 7628 (TP Link Archer C20 v4), but there's none for that snapshot in the link you sent. Also, I'm a total beginner at this so a bit more guiding would be appreciated.

Any advice?


:thinking: ...the one for your device.




  • install Snapshot
  • follow instructions on Wiki

Also see:


I didn't see that at all! Sorry for only noticing now


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