How to implement a service?


could you please give me a hint on how to implement a service that runs automatically on boot?

It depends on bluetoothd having been started and then needs to run two commands:

/usr/bin/rfcomm watch hci0 1 /usr/sbin/agetty --8bits --noclear -L rfcomm0 115200 linux --autologin mh

This command blocks as it waits for incoming bluetooth connections, so you cannot simply wait for it to return.
And after that this needs to run:

sdptool add --channel=1 SP

Can I do that with the procd infrastructure?

Many thanks!

Yes, you will find examples under /etc/init.d/ and/ or the package sources for OpenWrt and its package(s) feeds, afaik the wiki also has some documentation about procd.


Yes. For reference and as noted prior, most of the relevant wiki documentation Can be found here


So as far as I understand it there is no real dependency management right?

So if I depend on bluetoothd running all I can do is to give it a start-number higher than bluetoothd's - is that how it works?

And in my case I need to run 2 commands, so I guess there are 2 ways to do it:

You could put these commands into a script-file and have one service starting this script or you could have 2 services, each running one command.

Is the choice between these options purely a matter of taste or would you prefer one?