How to handle onewire (w1) on non SD card installations

I updated an older device of mine with sysupgrade and came across the problem that onewire seams to have changed with 21.02 and since then, the documentation is not covering a non SD card installation anymore.
How do I make onewire work on a modern v23.05? Does anyone know what is to do?
My device is an Linkit Smart 7688, quite an old fellow...

My understanding you need to build your own image using customized .dts
Since kmod-w1-gpio-custom is not available anymore, the GPIO# used for 1-wire needs to be defined in the .dts

Reference to "[non] SD card installations" is specific to Orange Pi used in the example, I suggest ignoring it.

Is there no other way than compileing my own firmware?
I did that in past. It’s a timeconsuming thing. And the problem that packets don‘t install because hashes don‘t match prevent any flexibility afterwards.

Keep a local copy of the build environment and you can compile the packages for your customized builds.

Do I understand right, if I build the hole image I can pick one package and install it in to a sysupgraded device?