How to go back to stock firmware on wrt1900acs v2

Hey guys, I can't get a PPPoE network service to work with Lede leviathan IV SNAPSHOT r3293-f791fb4 so I want to go back to stock firmware. see:

When I try to use the factory image from the linksys website I get the error "The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image format for your platform."

I've had a good look around the google and only found info on how to revert back from OpenWRT.

Can someone please explain to me how to revert back to stock firmware or direct me to some instructions.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have not tried with that router, but a "format check" override "--force" was added recently to the sysupgrade commandline command:

root@LEDE:~# sysupgrade
Usage: /sbin/sysupgrade [<upgrade-option>...] <image file or URL>
       /sbin/sysupgrade [-q] [-i] <backup-command> <file>

        -d <delay>   add a delay before rebooting
        -f <config>  restore configuration from .tar.gz (file or url)
        -i           interactive mode
        -c           attempt to preserve all changed files in /etc/
        -n           do not save configuration over reflash
        -p           do not attempt to restore the partition table after flash.
        -T | --test
                     Verify image and config .tar.gz but do not actually flash.
        -F | --force
                     Flash image even if image checks fail, this is dangerous!
        -q           less verbose
        -v           more verbose
        -h | --help  display this help

Probably that router specialists like @cybrnook know better, but I guess that it might work with downloading the image with wget to /tmp and the using the "sysupgrade --force " from command line.

(But I have no idea if the OEM image e.g. contains some OEM header that should be removed, or somethin like that.)

From David's thread:

Transfer the image to the /tmp file on the router, and run "sysupgrade -F /tmp/Imagefile"

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Sorry for being such a noob but how do I run commands on lede? do I need to use putty or can I do it through the gui? ditto for transferring files to the router :confused: I really jumped into this without knowing much.

If you have only flashed one-time you can get back to OEM with this.

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thanks mate, I'll give this a shot, hopefully I haven't somehow put lede on both partitions :slight_smile:

Or you can follow this tutorial!
Quick video showing you how to swap back to the stock Linksys firmware form LEDE or any other Open Source firmware using Putty


Code used
fw_printenv boot_part
fw_setenv boot_part

PS remember your installs maybe opposite to video, LEDE could be on partition 2 so swap to 1 to get back to the Linksys firmware

I just followed the tutorial above and it works, but now I want to go back to firmware LEDE!
If I want to run LEDE again do i just swap the partition again, anyone know how i can go back to LEDE?

This is normal. Each partition has it's own settings.

On LEDE you can go back to the firmware of the other partition using the app luci-app-advanced-reboot:

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This is what I have been looking for myself. I have flashed over both partitions and I am understanding the process of forcing the flash but I am not sure how to get the file to the tmp location and checking that it is there.

I am trying to use putty to force the reimage of the stock firmware. But the problem is I don't know how to transfer the img file from my computer to the routers tmp file. I am using a Raspberry Pi and putty to access the router. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Search scp.

Anomeome. Thank you for the hint.

So I got it fixed. I ended up having to use SCP in windows because I found it was a little easier for a noob to follow. I started by resetting the router to default just so I didn't have passwords to deal with. So with SCP I moved a .img file into the tmp file folder of the router remembered the exact name of the file. Then I went in through putty and forced a system upgrade with the cmd "sysupgrade -F /tmp/(img file name)" then hit enter and it did the upgrade. The I logged into the reset router and it was the stock image so I can start all over again..

Here are some links that helped me through this.
And the above conversations

Hopefully this will help out some else down the road.

Works for WRT1900ACS V2

If you are on Windows, you will need WinScp to copy the linksys firmware to the / tmp directory of your WRT1900AC

Open Winscp, click on new website and then enter the ip of the router, enter the option SCP enter user and password of the router and of enter or click on login.

On the right side navigate to the tmp folder, then on the left side navigate to where you saved the firmware and copy into the tmp folder.

After the transfer, close the Winsp, and open putty.

In the Putty type root@ and then you will be prompted for the router password enter the password and enter.

Done this, select the directory in Putty with the command cd /tmp.

And then run the command sysupgrade -n -F (your linksysfirmware.any) where you are between relatives enter the full name of the firmware with extension.

Then enter and the router will start to update and then reboot already with linksys firmware.

Thanks for the help

About WRT1900AC v2, was running LEDE reboot 17.01.2.
Did a sysupgrade to LEDE reboot 17.01.4.
Discovered afterwards running on partition 2. Started to have bugs with my IP phone line. Discovered on the forum how to run back on partition 1 . Phone line running OK with LEDE reboot 17.01.2.
Now I would like to install Linksys OEM firmware on partition 2.

While running on partition 2, I copied the Linksys OEM firmware to the router's tmp folder using WinSCP.
I believe I have to do it again because I am now running on partition 1. If afterwards I open putty and run the force command sysupgrade, will the Linksys OEM firmware be on partition 2 ?
I don't want to alter in any way LEDE reboot 17.01.2 on partition 1.
Some guidance needed here. Thank you.

In wrt1900ac series sysupgrade, you always flash the other partition. So if you are running partition 1, you will flash partition 2.

As long as you flash from the good 17.01.2 partition that you want to keep, you are good.