How to go back Cudy WR1300 from OpenWrt 22.03.0

I just installed OpenWrt 22.03.0 r19685-512e76967f in my cudy wr1300. I can't enable 5g and so on stuffs. It look complicated. I wanna go back btw. Would you help?

Did you read;a=commit;h=cd2b661453a8a2b8260dfb9b9c0dc5297b981331?

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I'm a noob. Would you mind explaining in non-tecnical lanuage if possible?

 - Loads only signed manufacture firmware due to bootloader RSA verification
 - serve tftp-recovery image as /recovery.bin on
 - connect to any lan ethernet port
 - power on the device while holding the reset button
 - wait at least 8 seconds before releasing reset button for image to
 - See

it's as non-technical as it gets.

search for router tftp recovery at youtube, if you need additional details.
IPs and file name will be different, but the rest is the same.

You can try this
before writing 5G open system support off completely.

no idea if the problem was you, or the firmware, but that is an old version of openwrt.

I couldn’t. Would you mind telling me by yourself?

Try rooter firmware which has zillion of modem config scripts preinstalled, certainly more than cudy oem, before choosing between cudy and openwrt (snooping at rooter config and moving ideas over to OpenWRT)

I would start by installing the latest Openwrt version.

I did everything to return to cudy. When i try to return it shows some problem.
However, can i flash cudy firmware directly from openwrt firmware upgrade section?

Can't help you with "some problem".

You can't.

When i set ip4 to it’s say something Unidentified network & when i push the reset button nothing work on tftpb32. I have connected with lan cable.

Which is probably just fine.

Did you temp disable the firewall?

No i din't. Sorry for late. I got no network.

If you set a static IP, you do, you just can't do anything useful with it.

I am just confused sir. Can you just tell me how can I return to my stoke firmware? :smiling_face_with_tear:
It was easy to come to openwrt but seems hard to return​:woozy_face::face_with_head_bandage:

You've already been told how - How to go back Cudy WR1300 from OpenWrt 22.03.0 - #4 by frollic, and that you need to disable the firewall.

If it doesn't work, post screen shots of your win and tftp config, plus link to the YT video you followed. We're no mind readers.