How to get the ipv4 address from openwrt console?

Login my router which is running openwrt.

ssh  root@

How can get the ipv4 address with curl ?

RTFM :wink:

if you don't want to use the proper parameters (look for ipv4) in curl (might not be available, didn't try on openwrt) check your DNS settings.

Which setting file should i check?

I'd start by the DNS configuration, and your local DNS settings, if you've got one.

Do you just want to block this request, or all ipv6 traffic ?

curl ; curl
This would be the address internet sites see you. If you want to see the address the wan interface has, run ifstatus wan | grep address

Which configuration file decide the output action ?

Configuration file for what?


like me and trendy said,

use a different IP lookup host, or make sure you tell curl to use ipv4 only.

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