How to get rid off WIFi?

Hello there! Please can you help - I want use TL-WR743ND-V2 only as gateway for incoming ISP.
So I want to totally disable WiFi in order to get rid of radiation. Is it possible? I prepared image builder and SDK from latest GIT source. Can you post there, please, which modules I need disable (skip) while compile for get my task resolved? Thank You very much!


  • kmod-ath
  • kmod-ath9k; and
  • kmod-ath9k-common

kmod-ath9k is the wireless driver; but FYI, wireless is disabled by default in OpenWRT anyways, there should be no radiation.

Thank You! May be disabled, but led blinking so I guess radiation coming. Ok will try

We had that discussion about radiation allergy and turning off wifi completely already. Please use the forum search to find helpful information in that topic.

If you are serious about that topic, you will want to wrap your wireless router in aluminium foil, or buy a wired-only router in the first place.