How to get mount admin in Luci

I'm trying to create a SSD based NAS in my router. It is a Ventana iMx6 and I am wanting a SSD msata. Some research got me to this: But for some reason it seems to be missing in my build. I have selected luci full admin

I have used good old command line under a SSH session, but it strikes me as odd that some very basic admin tools were dropped. Are they available or is it that I just don't know how to get them?

See this documentation section on setting up and configuring Samba...

The ash shell in LEDE is a minimal implementation.

Thanks but I had already accomplished the task via the command line.

I was asking how to get the previous admin tools back. Any idea why they are missing? I'm all for maintenance but not when it removes essential low level tools. Was this a mistake or is there a good reason to remove a Gui admin task?

It is a little like disabling the new keyless car systems with the view that the user has a an old fashioned key and can use it.

I have to apologize and also say I am embarrassed to report that the Luci Mount menu option has appeared. I am CERTAIN it was not there before, but now it is.

As far as I can remember I was not doing any disk utility addons but was adding in some wireless tools and qos stuff.

So the keyless entry was not taken away and it all comes down to "some sort of user error" on my part.

The LuCI mount point setup checks for the existence of the /sbin/block utility which is provided by the optional block-mount package.

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Thanks jow. I did add block-mount after a page said it was needed for USB flash.

I'm learning, slowly but surely.

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