How to get IPv6 Working for my LAN clients?

Hello folks,

I'm using a FritzBox Cable from Vodafone Germany as Gateway for my OpenWrt Router.
The problem is that a client on The LAN of the OpenWrt router can't reach Ipv6 addresses, and I don't understand why. Can somebody guide me in the right direction, I already have read dozens of articles, but I don't understand what's the issue here.

Thanks in advance

Okay, after some more minutes I thought why not share the ULA between the gateway and the router, and voilĂ  it was working.

Following steps have been done, Login to my Fritzbox, go the Home Network setting -> ipv6 settings. It will display "Unique Local Address of your FritzBox!" After I pasted the Value at my OpenWRT Router at Interfaces -> Global network options, I had IPv6 connectivity. A thing of less than a minute.

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