How To Get Internet Access using PPOE Dial-Up in my Xiaomi 4A 1200 router

hi everyone

i recently flashed the Byte Bite Open wrt Latest Patch for the Xiaomi 4A 1200 gigabit edition... Everything is Working As Expected But I cant Connect to the Internet Properly...I have Ppoe Username and Password And I dont Know anything Else....When It was On Original Firmware It only asked For PPOE Username and Password...

If anyone Can Give Detailed Instructions On How I can Get Ppoe internet Connection in my Xiaomi 4A 1200 gigabit edition it will Be helpful for me.....

Thank You....

Check this page if it contains what you need:

i am newbie and it confuses me so if you can give me a config so that i can set it up via ssh like this one

but the the link i provided its config for somereason doesnt work it says DNS_PROE_STARTED idk why

To help you look up the settings needed ill need your country, isp and type of connection (fiber/dsl/etc).

In most cases you do only need options proto pppoe, device, username, and password, on the GUI you can leave the rest blank or with whatever defaults were filled in.

i am from Bangladesh and Setup Is Kinda Simple Not much rules around here.......

what will i put in proto and device

i used a config and i get this error Network ifname configuration migration The existing network configuration needs to be changed for LuCI to function properly...Upon pressing "Continue", ifname options will get renamed and the network will be restarted to apply the updated configuration.

i added and edited the following config with ssh below

config interface 'wan' option ifname 'eth0.2' option proto 'pppoe' option username 'xxxxxxx' option password 'xxxxxxxx' option ipv6 'auto' option persist 'true' option maxfail '0' option holdoff '10'
config device 'wan_dev' option name 'eth0.2' option macaddr '6D:63:6C:98:69:58'

That is not a valid MAC-- bit 0 of the first byte is a 1 it must be 0. Also you're mixing the old syntax (option ifname) with the new syntax (separate wan_dev block, which is where you'd override the MAC, and option device wan_dev).

Again set only the username and password. Don't override any other defaults unless and until you find you have to. I suggest starting with a default configuration and making your changes follow that syntax, which will be specific to your model and version, rather than copying something from a web page.

If it still does not connect, examine the system log.

can you show me full config example for it please......

anyone Please Help :sob::sob:

it has been 2-3 days no one helping me

That is a third party build so there is no guarantee it will work the same as the official builds discussed in this forum. It looks like the only difference may be the wifi driver though.

As I said, there are several things in your configuration that are wrong, and/or left over from previous versions. I don't know if that stuff is built into Bit Bite or if you added it yourself. If you reset to default and it is like official builds, the wan will be set up as a simple dhcp client network. Then change option proto dhcp to option proto pppoe and add your username and password and try that.

which reset do you mean Can you Explain?

btw i used the latest version of

if you can recommend any other Images which are good This one is 21.02