How to get eth0 to go up automatically?


I have to type

ifconfig eth0 up

for my router to get connection to the internet. Is there any way to configure it to go up by itself?

The ethernet connection is through an USB modem. The logs show that it does detect the usb module and it does detect the ethernet interface. It reports that eth0 is in "blocking state", then in "forwarding state". I can see eth0 when I type "ifconfig". It just doesn't get an ipv4 address (DHCP lease I assume) until I type "ifconfig eth0 up".

What can I do about this?

An even better question is:

  • If your device has yet to see the USB modem, then what is eth0?
  • Also, did you install the drivers and app for the USB and cell modem?


Sorry if I didn't phrase my question clearly.

The problem is that the interface does show up. I can see it listed in the output of the ifconfig command. However, I see that it has no IP address, and no connection to the internet. When I type ifconfig eth0 up it does get an IP address and does connect to the internet. I don't know why this is, but I would like it to connect to the internet without having to type a command into the command line.