How to get an dropped packet back into a build? (one-wire line sensor)

kmod-w1-gpio-custom is not in the make menuconfig anymore.
How can I get a dropped packet back in to my build?

By adding the relevant source code to your local source repo...
(Recreate the package for yourself, author the possibly needed fixes etc., possibly edit DTS and then recompile)

Regarding that specific package kmod-w1-gpio-custom, the situation is complicated, as the support has apparently been dropped along the DTS migration and kernel changes. Support last existed for OpenWrt 19.07. Support has not existed for 21.02, 22.03, 23.05 or the development main/master.


regarding that package,
there relevant commits removing it are:

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Is there another way to get a one wire line?
Actually, I only need a 18b20 temperature sensor chain.

I edited the title, so that somebody with knowledge about your actual wish might notice this thread...

There is one wire support in OpenWrt, you just need to describe it in you device DTS

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