How to get a bug ticket noticed in the bug tracker?

There is a bug ticket I am trying to get resolved but currently its status is set to 'unconfirmed'. Considering a number of people in the ticket have now confirmed the problem (including some speculation about the cause) how does a ticket get switched from 'unconfirmed' to 'new'?

My status is just one of 'reporter' so I obviously can't set it. Is there anyone to contact and request a status change?

Tickets usuall get updated when someone works on them.

But how likely is it for someone to pick up a bug that is unconfirmed? If I were a developer looking to fix bugs I would focus on confirmed bugs, not unconfirmed.

That is why I figured it would make sense to get is to 'new' status.

As far as I know, nobody pays attention to the bug status or vote count when looking through the list.

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The first thing you should do is to try to write a more descriptive title. Generally what you want is one that makes someone think "hey, I know how to fix that", or "hm, that's an interesting problem". "Not working" is too generic.

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Agreed, but I think only the guy who originally opened the ticket (Giuseppe) can change the name (if at all). And I don't think there is a way to DM other people in the ticket, or is there?

While many of the "devs" don't visit the forums, many do. jow, for example, is very active in the development efforts and is regularly interacting here as well. Catching more of his attention with a positive suggestion as to the impact of an issue he might not have been aware of and its potential resolution could have been a missed opportunity.

There may also be "non-dev" enthusiasts here that would take notice if the title of the thread here was more descriptive, as well as the "overly subtle" naming of the link as "bug ticket".

Thanks Jeff,

There is a specific topic dedicated to the issue (ZyXEL NBG6616 boot loop after sysupgrade from 17.01.5 to 18.06.1) and jow has already added his two cents there.

This is more a general topic about how to work with the ticket system as we want people who have uncovered potential bugs to create useful tickets there instead of hoping that devs read the forums.

Most bug systems I have worked with in the past have structures where more senior people triage tickets, assess priority and sometimes assign them. Some of those processes in OpenWRT's ticket system are not apparent, at least not to me. There are clearly different permission levels but who has them is unclear. I was hoping to get a bit more insight in to this, for myself and others.

commit e3022727658166e736198529582a46abf2397ea4 (origin/openwrt-18.06)
Author: Matthias Schiffer
Date:   Mon Aug 27 20:25:01 2018 +0200

    ar71xx/generic: enable Zyxel NBG6616 in kernel config again