How to free space to install SMB server (TL-WR902AC)

I need at least 219kb and I have 69kb free. Can I remove exfat drivers without breaking NTFS one? Or what else can I safely remove?

Samba4 is large, there's no way it'll only require 220kb.


I dunno, i typed command to install samba4-server and I got such information.

It requires several additional modules, perhaps you've already got them installed?

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Probably, once I installed it.

It would help if you mentioned on what kind of device you're running OpenWrt. Since you mentioned NTFS, I am going to assume it's x86.

On x86, OpenWrt, when installed, takes up about 120 MB of space, regardless of the actual capacity of the drive on which it is installed. When you copy OpenWrt install image to a drive, two partitions, boot (ext2) and root (either ext4 or SquashFS with an F2FS overlay), are created. Their sizes are fixed (about 120 MB in total, as mentioned above), and the remaining drive space remains unallocated. It is, therefore, possible to expand the root partition occupied by OpenWrt, up to the capacity limit of the drive. If this is your situation, take a look at this guide I published a few days ago:

[HOWTO] Resizing root partition on x86

If this is not your situation, please tell us on what device you're running OpenWrt.

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I'm using TP-Link TL-WR902AC.

Ksmbd FTW, unless you're not using any recent openwrt version, and can install samba3, or use exroot.

Hmm... Samba on 64 MB RAM with 8 MB of Flash storage? That's a bit unrealistic... As @frollic suggested above, consider using ksmbd instead:

This is much more likely to fit within the confines of your device... The package size, per package data page, is 53 kB, install size, 52 kB.

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If you're connecting external storage, you can (and should) use extroot to allow you to install packages that exceed the available flash storage space. (If you're not using external storage, it's hard to understand why you would be installing samba in the first place.)

Regarding performance -- running the latest samba4 (or even samba3 on earlier OpenWrt versions) may be a bit problematic given the available RAM, but you can give it a shot and compare that against ksmbd that has been suggested by @frollic and @NC1 .

The thing is I tried to use it as SMB for ps2 only because as great as RPi with psx-pi-smbshare-raspbian-stretch-lite is it needs external power supply for safe use so I thought this nano router will replace it but now I guess not. :sweat_smile: So, as adviced I will try ksmbd whatever it is. :slight_smile:

you could try to compile a firmware which changed wpad-xxxx to wpad-mini,also luci is big too

Regarding that 8/64, you might read this to get a realistic perspective into your device


The thing is on TP-Link's firmware it worked out of the box, just the problem was stuttering FMVs for ps2 games. :slight_smile:

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