How to forward lan to wlan on raspberry pi 4

I have a raspberry pi 4 and want to be able to plug my computer into the raspberry pi with an ethernet cable and get internet from my wifi network(non openwrt just a wifi network) in my house

Go to the RPis wifi interface, scan->join, move the wifi interface to the wan zone.

Make sure the RPIs LAN subnet differs from the WAN subnet.

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can you explain better?
I dont really understand.

what part don't you understand ? and have you tried it ?

I have joined the network but how do I move it?

oh and the entire second line of your reply aswell

go to network->interfaces->edit the wifi->firewall settings
you should probably change the protocol to DHCP client in the 1st tab, too.

post the IP assigned to your wifi, once done.

what do you mean by "IP assigned to your wifi"

post a screenshot of your interfaces screen.

that will take a bit cuz I run arch linux and still need to install a screenshot utility.

You should be good to go.

Now just overnight it seems to not even letting me access internet via ping command trough ssh

never mind just needed to reboot the pi

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